Types of visas and residence permits

Interpress Visa & Immigration Center is a law firm specializing in complicated cases related to visas, residence permits, citizenship and conflict of laws.

We provide legal advice and support in the process of obtaining all types of visas and residence permit.

Interpress Visa & Immigration Servicer for all types of visas and residence permits.

Not simple observance of visa formalities,

but effective work of international lawyers

to obtain a visa or residence,

without denials and delays!

We successfully help our clients receive visas and residence permit to Australia, NZ, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Nederland and other countries of Europe and all over the world.

Legal assistance in obtaining all types of visas:

  • Tourist and visitor visa

  • Digital Nomad Visa

  • Business visas

  • Financially Independent Person (FIP) Visa

  • Investor visas

  • Fiancee Visa

  • Family reunion

  • Work visas

  • Student Visas

  • Exchange programs

  • Visas for practice and internship

  • AuPair Visas

  • Medical visas (for medical treatment and childbirth abroad)

  • Other special types of visas

Legal assistance in obtaining all types of residence permit:

  • Professional immigration

  • Immigration for self-employed persons

  • Immigration for persons with extraordinary abilities

  • Educational immigration

  • Business immigration

  • Immigration for financially independent persons

  • Immigration for investors

  • Residence Permit for Real Estate Buyers

  • Family reunification

  • Residence permit for spouses and partners

  • Refugee and humanitarian categories

  • Other types of immigration

Forecast a refusal is better than tackling its consequences

We advise that you do not submit any documents, applications or take any other actions prior to taking advice from an expert.

On order to prevent you from an unexpected surprises, we initially recommend a thorough analysis of client’s situation should be carried out by an immigration lawyer in order to define prospects and risks of visa refusal and to plan visa or immigration process.

We think that preventing visa problems is better than solving those problems afterward, because solving a problem is always is harder, longer and more expensive than preventing it.

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