Visa & Immigration Services. How we do it

Interpress services on preparation for obtaining a visa or residence permit

Not simple observance of visa formalities,

but effective work of international lawyers

to obtain a visa or residence,

without denials and delays!


Services on preparation for obtaining a visa or residence permit:

  • Analysis of customer questionnaire and documents
  • Consultations
  • Preparation of application forms and documents for visa applying
  • Preparation for visa or immigration interview
  • Submitting of documentation

Preparation procedure consists of the following basic stages:

1. Preliminary analysis.

  • Carry out of preliminary detailed analysis of Client’s data (questionnaire #1) for assessment of the possibility of applying for and obtaining a visa or immigration status
  • Give consultations on the result of the questionnaire analysis
  • Provide information on the requirements of an embassy/consulate visa department related to documentation, application and consideration of application forms
  • Determinate of the appropriate type of visa or immigration
  • Reveal the problems that may result in visa denial

2. Basic analysis.

  • Carry out the detailed analysis of Client’s data and the basic documents presented by Client
  • Reveal strong and weak points in the questionnaire
  • Consultations on the result of the analysis of Client’s personal data, professional and business biography, visa history, etc.
  • Determination of ways of settling problem situations concerning client’s documentation and biography 
  • Make up a list of additional documents; give consultations on form and content of documents

3. Technical work.

  • Examination of documents, necessary for obtaining a visa or immigration
  • Translation and certification of documents
  • Fill in visa applications
  • Preparation of documentation for submitting to embassy/consulate

4. Preparation for an interview in an embassy/consulate.

  • Consultations on psychological aspect of interviews and determination of positive behavior module
  • Discussing of basic interview topics and analysis of problem situations
  • Training on hypothetical questions according to information and documents presented by Client

5. Conducting immigration or visa process from the submission of the first application to receive a positive decision!

We always do our best for the success of visa or immigration processes!

And we are able to do this even in the most complicated cases!

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